Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well Hello There!

Howdy Ho Ranger Joe. That's always been one of my favorite things to say. :) Just wanted to say - it's been one of those weeks! I had every intention of updating the blog with a weekend update from our very fun Washington DC adventure, notes on something that I made for dinner, and hopefully - a witty or comic post on something ridiculous that happened in my everday life. Blah. Just. Not. Going. To. Happen! Let's just say this - a weekend of arduous walking all over a city wears a girl out. Especially when the girl has a baby growing inside of her! I just feel like I can't catch up energy-wise! PLUS - this weekend is the culmination of a class I have been in that entails a lot of homework and every night this week I have been scratching away at that homework before our big finale on Saturday.

So - don't give up on me precious readers! I shall come back in force next week! Or at least I have faith that I will lol. I cannot believe it, but next week will mark 24 weeks of baby boy! Plus, by then the Washington DC update and pictures will be long overdue. And I am hoping to share a recipe I made this week that is perhaps one of my very favorite things that I have made. Ever. Here's hoping and I hope you have a great rest of the weekend and a glorious weekend!

Love y'all,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend Movie Review

This will be random and brief! Over the weekend we ended up renting AND WATCHING three movies from RedBox. Not our norm by any means but it just kinda ended up that way.

On Friday night, Zion watched a few while I made birthday cake for my mom and Saturday night, I watched one late.

We saw Despicable Me, The Fighter, and Morning Glory. I would recommend all three!

Despicable Me - absolutely loved it! I had no idea what the plot was and admittedly - I was listening from the other room. But the story line was super engaging and the characters were so fun! It was fun to hear Steve Carell in such a different character than his usual. Rent it!

The Fighter - I do recommend it. However - it's not our style of movie. It's a little dark and has a load of language. I mean, when you compare it to The King's Speech - I am not quite sure how it got included in the same category for best picture this year for the Oscars. But still - it was good and definitely an interesting story.

Morning Glory - this chick flick got such horrible reviews. But I loved it!!!! I thought it was a great story with quirky/fun characters. I just love Rachel McAdams. And it was great to see Harrison Ford back. So I am sure there are plenty of haters out there for the movie given the reviews. But I think it's well worth your time.

It will likely be months before I have another movie review so this will have to do! LOL. We are heading off for a little weekend adventure and I am pretty excited about it. Check back Monday or Tuesday for an update and pics!

Love y'all,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Jesus,

Hi Jesus, it's me the pregnant girl. In the last week - my face has gotten 'fluffy.' I will endure just about anything for this little creation growing inside of me, but You and I both know that the fluffy face is one of my very least favorite experiences. Today, I am asking You to deflate it a bit. Could we go back to just a little bit fuller face instead of full on fluffy? It would mean the world to me. Other than that - I love everything You're doing with this experience. You're awesome. Just please help a sista out with the face!

Love You,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Fun and a Lesson in Friendship

Whew! Last week was a buy one! I kept meaning to get this post up and it just didn't happen.

Before I jump in let me just say that THIS weekend we got to celebrate my mom's birthday at one of our favorite Tulsa spots - Wild Fork. If you're looking for the best brunch in Tulsa - look no further! It was a real treat to get to celebrate her and we were seated in the section of one of our very favorite people - Crystal Patrick! She made Mom's birthday even more special. :) So happy birthday Momma and I sure do love you!

Last weekend, we had house guests. Not just any house guests mind you - some of our very dearest friends in the world....allllllll the way from Plano, Texas! Meet Randy and Rebecca White...true gems of the great state of Texas.

To say that we had a great weekend with them is putting it mildly. We had such a delightful dinner out on the town on Friday night, a great breakfast at - you guessed it - Wild Fork on Saturday and then the boys golfed the afternoon away while Rebecca and I shopped the afternoon away and got pedicures with my mom. Saturday was bookended by dinner at one of our other favorite spots - Lanna Thai. To which - Rebecca and I both wore outfits made of 100% sweatshirt. Ahhhhhhhh a true friend!

Everything that we did together was a treat. But the weekend was great for reasons so far beyond was was done together. It was great because there is simply nothing like being with people who know you so well that the relaxation is instantaneous, the laughter is free flowing, and the hearts are safe in sharing. If you have lived for a few years, you know that this is a precious gift!

There is something so renewing about being with friends that know the truest you. And love you just the same.

And for all you girls (which I assume 99.5% of my readers are LOL), you know how much the couple dynamic can affect a friendship. If your significant other isn't that connected to your friend's S.O. - well, it can be challenging. God blessed me and Rebecca when He gave us Zion and Randy. To some, it may be an unlikely pairing - a salesman and an engineer. But - they simply defy all odds and just kind of get each other. Which makes my friendship with Rebecca all the easier to enjoy and continue growing in.

So about the lesson part - here's what I have seen so far in life: In each of my significant friendships (if they have been developed for a long enough period of time), you will have a moment or a series of moments where the friendship is tough. The temptation is strong to bail and to say - 'see ya later!' It's inevitable. It's even normal. Nonetheless - always surprising.

Rebecca and I met our freshman year at OU and were members of the same sorority. Our sophomore year - we were roommates in the house and a bond was forged. We had so many great times together! Our friendship grew each year....and then senior year hit. No one needs the details but we each did things that hurt the other. Can you believe it???? Friends hurting each other! LOL. But for us, the entire year was a tough one and I know that both of us took our time to give each other space. BUT - and my yes there is a big BUT - we chose the friendship in the end. It wasn't easy and it required both of us to forgive and choose to love. Can I just say that there is not one day that I am not thankful that we chose to move forward together as friends?

Today, Rebecca knows me like few outside of family do. She loves me with consistency and we are stuck together for life. And yet - we came this close to walking away from it all. Can you relate? I am certainly not saying that each friendship is meant for a lifetime. But - I am saying that each time I have decided not to exit a friendship because of hurt, awkwardness, or rejection - the payoff has been eternal.

So - take heart friend. You were meant for relationship. And friendship means human beings. And human beings mean imperfections. And imperfections cause all sorts of fun in life don't they? But, love is worth it. Getting hurt is worth it as long as it's not an abusive pattern. Being a good friend is the beginning of receiving good friendship in return.

Friendship is not about talking every day on the phone. In fact, we go weeks without talking on the phone simply because neither of us are big phone talkers. It's about reaching out when you sense a need or you have a need. It's about always being there - regardless of how little or much time you have to offer. It's about loving each other for the potential that you see and the truth of the destiny you know they have ahead. It's about dying to self and living to Christ.

I am so thankful for friends like Rebecca Sue. And I am thankful for you. God has brought dear people into my life and my heart and I am so dependant on Him continuing to teach me how to love well. So - be encouraged today. A friend loves at all times - even the hard ones - so hang in there.

We can't wait for our next chance to get down to Plano to see the Whites. Let me just tell you it will be a busy weekend because of all the food we discussed needing to eat! On the list: their favorite Tex Mex place, the mysterious Taco Trail taco joints, In and Out Burger, and Alligator Cafe - apparently in a sketchy part of town but with Cajun food on par with New Orleans. I'm IN!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Promise....

....a new post is coming in a day or two! I have so many things to update on but time is the issue. :) We had a great weekend with friends last weekend that I need to update you on. I got my robin's egg blue stationery in the mail today. Memories of adventures in Europe keep popping into my mind that I'd like to post about. Ultrasound tomorrow. Making fish and chips tonight. Baby boy is a mover and a shaker! God is faithful. These are all the thoughts that keep racing through my head. Hopefully over the weekend, the thoughts will become at least one blog!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Half Way There Baby!

I CANNOT wrap my mind around the fact that this week we made the half-way mark in the journey to meeting our little man! Simply. Can't. Believe. It. Man alive - what an experience this has been in twenty weeks. I have been waiting until this lovely half-way mark to do a more extensive post on what this road has been so far.

Oh my where to start??? How about this - a little backtracking and thoughts on the twenty weeks leading up to this point. First, baby boy was not a surprise to us but he sure did enter our lives quickly if you know what I mean! :) And for that, I praise God. I am truly blessed to have gotten pregnant so quickly. My heart had been ready for a baby for years but nothing can prepare you for the reality of a life growing inside of you. It is the most surreal experience.

From the very beginning - I knew that God was birthing strength in me for this pregnancy, for this baby, and that this baby would be strong. But I will say that I was surprised by the emotional side of the experience - or the lack thereof in my case. It was so weird - here was the reality of something that I had longed for - and I couldn't get my emotions to connect! I think that's fairly normal...or least that's what I have been told. But, even if you're told something is 'normal,' it does not make it less un-settling. Whew - I think I just pulled off some crazy double negatives! It was frustrating that the lack of emotional connection lasted so long. Good news though! The emotions have definitely started shifting for me in the past few weeks. I am grateful to say the least!!! Maybe it was finding out that we're having a boy, or maybe seeing pictures of Zion as a baby did it, or maybe it's just the Lord answering my prayers but I am thankful to be connecting to this little person. Pregnancy is such a huge opportunity to trust God more and more and in this, I am trusting him to continue shaping my emotions. He IS a god of emotions and He IS faithful.

On a brighter note! God has been over the top good in other ways. I literally felt nauseous for one week and even then - it was just a barely there feeling. It has been a joy to carry this child. My energy has been pretty good and even though I have wanted to be a bit more connected emotionally - there have been no moody swings up and down. (Right Zion???? lol) Okay - maybe one or two emotional moments. :)

Ah yes, adn then there's every woman's favorite topic: weight. It is a weird weird experience to slowly lose control of your body and observe something totally other taking over. But there is a cool factor to it in that it truly is about letting go of my control. And... let's just say this: I am certainly enjoying more freedom with food! Oh desserts how I do love you. I am allowing myself to not be too concerned with avoiding what sounds good to me....while trying to get plenty of healthy choices in there too. And I know that October will be here soon enough and there will be plenty of time to get back on track with Weight Watchers. Or at least that's where my mind is today!

In general, the cravings haven't been bizarre or even that strong. I would just say my interest in food has heightened. Some of you are probably thinking - 'was that even possible???' :) Now, I just like what I have always liked - but more. Still love sweet and salty!

I have heard people say again and again that it is a really good thing that it takes nine months from the time of becoming pregnant until actually having a baby. I could not agree more. God is pretty darn smart! Becoming a mommy is a process. One which I am more aware of than ever. It is sacred and it's not an overnight development. One of the biggest things for me has been feeling him move. WOW! That kind of puts things in perspective. He is REAL. He is a person. He has a destiny. He has a personality. He is precious. All of those things my mind knew but God is giving me a chance to feel them in my heart now.

Twenty weeks brings me to the point where this starts to get fun if you ask me. He's becoming more real. I look pregnant instead of 'thick' (can I get a hallelujah!?). We are starting to make real plans for him and the Lord is birthing a vision for this child in us just as He's developing him inside of me. Miracle.

I feel like this post has been rambling and all over the place - and most of all, long. But I wanted to get it out there and now I have. :) If you're even still reading that!

TWENTY WEEK PICS! OH MY GOSH so much can change so quickly. If you scroll down (you may have to click on the title of the blog to be able to see all the posts) you can see the pics that I loaded from 18.5 weeks which was a week and a half ago. Baby Boy has GROWN! Listen - I looked cute yesterday I promise. But I got home last night and had an instantaneous urge to put on sweats and only AFTER that process was completed did I remember the pictures I needed to take. :) Goal: next picture will be taken with normal clothes and with our good camera instead of the iphone.

Okay here's number one:

And here's number two....yes I am gazing off to neverland. Seriously. Who knows why I am looking up and to the right???? LOL.

Love y'all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

That Was Close!

Well, you probably forgot all about it but I have been internally nagging myself to put up my new Scripture verse that I am working on memorizing. Nagging nagging nagging. LOL. I am not sure how close I will get to the every two weeks goal but I WILL keep moving forward with my commitment to fill myself with memorized Word.

Since the beginning of this adventure of being pregnant with Baby Boy, a Scripture has been rolling around inside of me:

Philippians 4:19
"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus."

It's so interesting how the Holy Spirit will bring verses back to you in due season that you haven't thought about in years! I feel like this entire pregnancy and transition into motherhood is a sweet invitation from Him to grow in faith. To really really really believe Him for all of my needs: emotional, spiritual, financial, everything.

So, I am remembering that He will, He can, He wants to meet all of my needs. Something tells me He has the very same commitment to you as well! Happy rainy day Tuesday my friends.....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Belly Pic - 18.5 weeks

I have gotten a few inquiries for belly pics and so I have obliged! LOL. I think I am going to keep most of my belly/baby pics here on the blog for at least the pregnancy instead of facebook. When that precious boy gets here I am sure he'll get some facebook picture coverage though!

I think that I may be certifiably weird - but there is something intimate about belly pics I think. Weird - because there is zero privacy to it in actuality. Anyone who sees you can see the bump. Hello! So for some reason, putting the pics up on the blog feels more private. Like if you truly want to see them - you will come here. Instead of subjecting throngs of people who could care less about them on facebook. Sometimes I kinda wonder about myself as there are obviously many many mommies-to-be who slap those pics up on facebook without giving it a second thought! Maybe next time around I will feel differently LOL.

I took these pics on Sunday and kept forgetting to have Zion do it when we had a moment of downtime at home. So! Forgive the looking down, etc. I was either looking above the camera or below it and finally thought - oh who cares, just take the picture! :)

I'll post another pic or two next week with my big blog I am posting because I'll be hitting the half-way point next week. 20 weeks!!!!!!!!! Craziness. I actually feel like baby boy has grown in bump size since these pictures were taken a few days ago. Honest confession - I can make it look like a bump only in some shirts. Most shirts - I just look 'thick.' Lovely I know. Disciplining this vain mind to enjoy every precious moment regardless of the chubby feelings associated with it!

Thanks for sharing this adventure with us!