Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Day

So word on the street is that a true blizzard is heading our way tomorrow. I am getting ready to burrow in...that is unless some cruel occurance happens and the skies just dust our grounds with a a thin layer of white. Come on! We all know that you believe it when you see it in Oklahoma!!

However - doesn't this time feel different? Like you can feel the snow coming?

I actually love snow. I LOVE SNOW! Now - days on in of snow can be a different story and when it gets gray and dirty it's of course another thing all together.

But what it is about snow? Isn't there something truly spectacular about waking up to a blanket of thick white on the ground? It's like you see the quiet. It makes your spirit quiet into stillness. Psalm 46:10 anyone? 'Be still and KNOW that I am God....'

On the flip side - there is something thrilling about snow! It sends a joy through my heart and makes me want to squeal. And that's just what I did tonight! LOL. No really - I did.

So tomorrow - I shall upload a picture of the snow that does or does not come. Enjoy the moment to break your routine and experience the refreshment!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Inaugural Post

Hello world! I have worked myself up to this moment for years I think. I have always wanted to try blogging but had no clear vision or direction for it. So I thought about it for years. Today, I thought 'Who cares?' I am just going to start and see what becomes of it.

So welcome to my moment when years of waiting and delaying turned into action!

I would ask for grace in the process because I am certain it will take me a bit to find my direction in this writing. My goal is to be positive but honest, and hopefully witty and a bit funny at least!

When I sit down to ponder what I will write about - my mind goes racing. It races to all of the things I love: food, travel, funny moments, food again, my husband, family and friends, lessons I have learned, Jesus, and the little baby that we are blessed to be expecting in the middle of the summer. So - I shall write about it all! I will see where the wind takes me! And hopefully - it will take me somewhere about once a week.

So here's the first organized thought for the blog...what's in a name? You know one of the things that hung me up for the longest was what to call this darn thing. It's hard to come up with a name when you don't have a distinct direction! LOL. But my friend Kelsey is a big alliteration fan. And so she's gotten me to loving it as well. One day when I was thinking about the name - it just popped into my head. The word spectacular makes me think of one of those traveling circuses from decades ago. Not that I was there - but I've seen the movies!

There was this one movie that I loved when I was about 11 - for real! This girl joined a traveling act sometime in the 1920s or 1930s. She trained and learned how to ride a horse off a high-dive and into a pool stories below her. She found her family in this traveling troupe and became very good at it. Until a bad accident left her blind. But - gosh darnit - that girl learned how to high-dive with the horse while being blind! Seriously - I don't know why but I just loved that movie.

Sometimes I think of my life as a spectacular of sorts. It is a great adventure - sometimes sparkling and filled with oooo's and ahhhh's - but all comprised of very normal people with very normal sins, victories, joys, and challenges.

So I guess this is my invitation to journey along little parts of life with me. Maybe we'll laugh together, hopefully we'll drool together over delicious foods, or perhaps we will ponder the ups and downs and see what comes of those ponderings. Whatever it ends up being - I like the idea of life being a spectacular and I like the pursuit of spectacular. So here we go!