Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boy Cousins!!!!

I know that I have talked about my brother and sister in law a few to have dinner with them tonight and it was a nice night! Choosing to enjoy opportunities like this as they pop up. :) We found out this week that Liam is going to have a BOY cousin just about two months younger than he is. How wonderful is that???? They will have lots of fun growing up together! Here is a picture of of us mommas with the boys still on the inside. Hoping this will be one of my last pregnant pictures! But may I say Mr. Liam - it has been a joy to carry you and I love you already sweet boy.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making A Choice

Hi again. It's me - and I'm still pregnant. :) Being in this position could be seen as unrelatable if you haven't been pregnant before - but in truth - it's just like anything else in life that feels 'overdue' when you think it should have come to pass a few moments ago.

Geez Louise! I tell you what - faith comes in to play when something seems overdue doesn't it? And here's what else I am realizing once again - the battle for faith is a moment by moment / hour by hour battle. It's not a one time knock down drag out fight. It's an ongoing nagging battle that we have to keep choosing to win in Christ.

Last night - the pity party I was starting to throw myself was ridiculous. The thoughts I was thinking were ridiculous! The emotional mood was in a downward spiral and you get the picture. So - I made a snap decision to get myself to the prayer/worship service at church and simply get my eyes off of myself. Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me is all I can say!

The whole time - I kept hearing things in my spirit like "Rise up woman of faith." And the verse "I lift my eyes up - to where my help comes from - my help comes from the Lord." (Little secret - as I looked up and found that actual verse in Psalm 121 I discovered that my memory paraphrased it lol. But it works!) Bottom line - I may feel like this baby boy's birth is late - but it's just not. And I do have a choice. I can choose to literally lift my eyes up to my Helper.

Of course, to lift my eyes up requires a cease and desist on the pity party doesn't it? Hmmmmm funny how that works.

So - by the grace of God - I choose joy in the waiting. I choose peace that is mine because Jesus said He left me His peace that passes my understanding. And I choose faith! And I choose a thankful heart instead of a grumbling heart.

Isn't it frustrating that so often it comes down to a choice we need to make that overrides the emotions we may feel? But time and time again - it's the way to victory.

So whatever you're waiting on - know that progress towards that goal is being made whether you can see and perceive it or not. Whether or not you can feel it...forward motion is happening.

So - yep I am still pregnant. And happy.

Love y'all,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Liam's Space I sit. It's July 26 and it looks like Mr. Liam would rather wait a bit before making his debut. Today has been a somewhat unexpected roller coaster. I KNOW that only 5% of babies are born on their due date. I know it. But still - I thought that maybe this boy would choose July 26. Now that he hasn't - it's kind of cool to think "I have no idea what his actual birthday will be!" Maybe it will be tomorrow. Maybe it will be a week from now!

So what do I do with myself? I get caught up on blogging is what I do. Man alive it's been a tad too long!

But - I can officially say that Liam's room is ready to go in terms of details and so why not go take pictures at ten o'clock at night and then do a blog post? It seems only fitting. My mental state is transferring to all of the fun/satisfying things I can do before he comes. Bravo TV as my background music? Check. Cookies made? Check. Eating that hamburger from Webers that I have been thinking about for months? Check. Now I shall see how many things I can think up and then check off the list!

So here is Liam's room..... I must say that it's a happy space. I feel peace, joy, and calm when I sit in the glider in his room. I always wanted it to have a baby feel but be an extention of our style instead of overdone baby-land. It is so wonderful to see the bedding we had made be such a fun fit. So happy with that! And I feel so thankful for the great crib on loan from the Nelsons and the dresser/night stand I found on Craig's List. Also a big shout out to my parents who put in quite a few hours helping me pull the room together while Zion was on a work trip! God is good - He likes the desires of our heart and I kind of think He enjoys Liam's space too.

So here it is friends!

Love y'all and maybe I'll just keep this blogging thing up until L's birthday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update we are and today I am 38 weeks! I promise that at some point I will return to blogging about a variety of topics. :) At this point though, it is fairly consuming to say the least. take a picture at 38 weeks or not to? I probably will but let's just say it won't be today - it will be a day on which I feel fresh and cute (in relative terms!).

Prepare yeself for one rambling post....because frankly all my thoughts do at this point is ramble so I think it's the best we're going to get!

I have been loving QT Coke icees...for a few days in a row. I mean, it IS well over 100 degrees each day and it just seems appropriate. I would say that's my biggest repeating food offender right now.

38 weeks is crazy because all of the sudden he seems so big in there. Today we had our checkup and he is measuring at 7lb and 9oz. Only gained 6oz from last week which I thought was fantastic! I can tell we're making progress towards Liam's birthday but we've still got a little time on our hands. He is making his way south though - that's for sure! Yikes! Sometimes it is hard to wrap your mind around what is being felt. 'Are those little hands or feet pawing against my hip bones?' 'Wow - that was a jab to the bladder!' 'Did his head really just push a little lower????' I am thankful that I still feel him moving around a lot - it's reassuring to know he's still doing his thing and is so healthy. This one is going to be all-boy folks. I have a feeling that Liam will take on the world with his activity pretty early on!

Lots of people ask me if I am miserable....especially with the heat wave we're, ahem, surviving in Tulsa. But - God's grace is good. I'm not miserable! I get hot but my solution is just to stay in the AC and swim. Lots of people also ask if I am just ready to do this thing. Nope - I'm not. It's not because I am not 'ready' but more because of the fact that I think it's just not time yet. And I'd much rather Liam come at his and God's agreed upon birthday than an earlier day to make it easier for me to roll to the other side in bed during the night. :) (but that willl be nice!!!!)

We got to see his face on the ultrasound today....expect chubby cheeks my friends! Zion was with me at this appointment - and needless to say - neither of us were surprised when she mentioned his cheeks. :) More to kiss and both of us had chubbers for cheeks when we were babies. I am getting so excited to touch that baby boy!

I am very very remiss in not posting about baby showers!!! We have sincerely been blessed above and beyond anything we could have imagined. To each person who was involved with hosting a shower or came to a shower or sent a gift - my heart overflows with gratitude for you. It a blessing to give and a blessing to receive...and we've definitely been on the receiving end in this season! My goal is to do a post about the showers this weekend and hopefully fit one in with pictures of Liam's room as well. Lofty goals!!!

Mi familia really deserves a big shout out for all the help they have been offering over the past days and weeks. They've started bringing food over for dinner - to which I say, yes and amen. And THANK YOU! I love to cook - but it's not on the radar right now. Mom has supplied deep dish pizza, burgers from July 4th and a delicious pot roast that even became a delicious barbecue brisket sandwich after our first meal on the roast. Yum! Last night my dear sister-in-law Chloe made us honest to goodness Chinese food.... Delicious stir fry and spicy asparagus and mushrooms with fried rice. Wow! Tonight.... get ready for it....marinaded steaks will be grilled courtesy of mi familia as well. It's pretty amazing! On top of all that - my mom has been doing all of the shopping for me for my 'hospital packing list.' She's been all over this city! Whew! Thankful for the support though and grateful that we get to share this time with them. Liam is going to be blessed to have such great family on both sides!

You know who else deserves a biggie shout out? Mr. Zion Spencer! He has really been great from start to finish. I think each guy is different and you never know how yours will respond in pregnancy....but Zion has been a big blessing to me. He has encouraged me, taken care of me, never complained, gotten excited with me about fabric, gone to parenting and birthing classes with me, talked to Liam (via my belly button of course - because that's where you talk to a baby) and has given me the words of affirmation I have needed at the perfect times. I have never felt alone and when I have felt overwhelmed - he has been the rock. I am 100%, absolutely certain that Zion Spencer is going to be an unbelievably great daddy. I can't wait to see him and Liam together!

And now....just in case you're having one of those 'fluffy' days where you're not feeling very cute (because everyone does now and again!)....I thought I'd leave you with a picture of my beautiful calf/ankle or cankle if you will. This is not even as bad as they have been dear readers. So if today's not your day - just take heart that likely your ankles look better than this. LOL!!!! Home stretch baby!!!

Love y' icee calls me!