Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pinterest Fail

Ahhhh Pinterest. Thanks to my girl Kelsey I took the Pinterest plunge a few months ago. Ummmm hello huge new part of my world. Is it not crazy how such a simple idea and platform can make such a big splash?

I am not the world's craftiest girl. Mind you - this is mostly due to my choice more than anything. Typically, I'd rather spend my time having coffee with a friend, going on a walk with Liam and Zion, etc. than knitting or spending hours making crafts. However. That was before Pinterest. Now all of the sudden I have this little fire inside of me to try my hand at a few things! I did make a t-shirt scarf inspired by P. and with the help of some friends it turned out well!

One of the parts I love is all of the new recipes. It's just nice to get new ideas! So I tried my first Pinterest meal last night. Overnight chicken with balsamic roasted carrots. I loved the marinade for the chicken but it called for it to be cooked too long in my opinion so that recipe gets a 'B' as is. And the balsamic roasted carrots needed oomph and could have used more balsamic so those also get a 'B.' Now I love trying new recipes. But I only repeat if we truly love something. I didn't love either of these....and thus the title of the article.

Are you pinning?

I wonder what is on your Pinterest crafting to-do list....

For me, I would like to make at least one Christmas decor craft this year and I saw a really cute brown onesie with the turkey face on the front and the turkey feathers on the back. Cute!

And I have already decided that Cranberry Salsa will be made as a Thanksgiving appetizer in a few weeks - it looks amazing! And then....there are all of those Christmas cookie recipes!

For now, I am enjoying having my creativity sparked and stirred. I'd LOVE to know what you've got your eye on!

Love y'all,

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm Still Here

Helllllllllo. WHEW! Has it ever been a long time since my last post! I have thought of this post so many times - and my brain tries and tries to figure out a direction or witty perspective for my little bloggy update. Needless to say - a funny spin escapes me so here's a plain-old life update!

Thankfulness fills my heart more each day. I think that part of the reason I have put off this blog is that I KNOW I am going to sound unbearably cheesy, abolsutely over the moon, and perhaps a smidge annoying in tone. But - what can I do? Just jump in and trust you won't read if you don't want to lol!!!

I cannot really find words but I am one happy girl. I have wanted to be a mom since I was little. Baby dolls were my world and babysitting eventually became my joy. I dreamed of becoming a mom and imagined it over and over again. The desire never left me. Not for one second. But - life drew my focus to other areas over time. It is so weird because since we've had Liam, I actually feel a little more like my teenage self than anything else! When a desire has to go into pause mode, you just let it hibernate deep down inside and that's okay. But ohhhhhhhh my. I feel like my heart is about to explode with joy, deep satisfaction, and thankfulness.

We've just been getting into our groove over the past months. Speaking of months - Liam was THREE MONTHS on November 4!!! Crazy and wonderful. This child is one special boy. What momma doesn't feel that way though??? LOL. His personality is coming out and he is sweet down to his core and fun fun fun. He's verbal, strong as an ox, and observative. He's just beginning to laugh and we are in the very early stages of it but I can't say how much I love it.

I won't say much on it but we took a class called 'Preparation for Parenting' by Growing Kids God's Way. The book 'Babywise' is by the same authors/teachers and it's the same material just with Christ-centered elements mixed in. I know a lot of people feel strongly for or against it and I respect each momma's persepctive. But let me just say - I think I am able to love this experience a heck of a lot more because I am sleeping through the night and have been for a while. Rested momma = better momma. Rested baby = happy baby. I strongly recommend the parenting method from everything I have seen so far! If you want a crash course or are just curious - check out That's a blog that a mom started and it has SO MUCH helpful information on it!

Liam has been big and strong from the time he was born and the pattern continues my friends. He looks like a big boy now! He's definitely past the infant stage. He's as long as many babies a few months older than him and he - well he weighs as much as many of them do too lol. I am thankful he's a good nurser but whew! We are almost ready for 6 month clothing and he's 3 months old! I love every inch of that boy though.

Despite all of the happiness, my personal hygiene and style has taken a deep dive! If I get myself showered and dressed beyond sweats, I consider myself quite accomplished. Of course, the extra love pounds I am currently carrying since da bubby made his arrival make putting an outfit together interesting. I am happy to say that I am not beating myself up over the weight that needs to be lost though! Let's be honest. I had a real good time while pregnant when it came to food. And I don't regret it at all! So - I'll be patient and work it off bit by bit now. Mom and I started Weight Watchers last week - they have a nursing moms program and I'm a believer! (side note - I do think I'll at least attempt gaining a tad less next time round :)

So here's to getting back to the new normal in life! We are still figuring things out but it's cool. Some days are more sane and calm than others but all in all - gratitude fills my heart. Hope each of you are doing well! Happy fall y'all!!!

Love y'all,